Water-witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers) was a City of Calgary Public Art commission developed and curated in collaboration with Alana Bartol (2016-17). 

The project began with an artist-led workshop and walk that invited the public to explore the community Quarry Park through dowsing. Following the walk, 5 Calgary-based artists and the workshop participants were invited to create small artworks that were hidden in Quarry Park in June 2017. The pieces live in the community as public offerings, vulnerable not only to human intervention but to the forces of nature, including the extreme freezes and thaws of Calgary winters. Each container has a guestbook for viewers to sign that provides information about the artist, the work, and the project. The artworks are discoverable through a map available in the project's publication and online.

For more information about this project, the publication, and images and locations of the artworks, please visit  www.waterwitching.wordpress.com