In concept, format, and process, my art practice is an exploration of rhythm and its relationships with ritual, time, and place. I look beyond spectacle toward the rhythm of seemingly mundane or insignificant actions and ways of making art using repetition and serialization, repetitive mark-making, everyday sounds, and simple materials. My work builds up over time through cumulative gestures and considers ideas of labour, obsession and futility. I attempt to echo the relentless nature of everyday life as a way to showcase simplicity, to highlight small differences, and to acknowledge the inevitable complexities.

Sarah Nordean is a visual artist based in Calgary Alberta. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design (2009), and a Master of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design (2014). 


Exhibitions and Public Projects



Solo and two-person:

Hardly Soft, Fountain Studio Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (with Karin McGinn)
Water Witching for Wanderers (and Wonderers), The City of Calgary Public Art Program, community walking project (with Alana Bartol)
Keeping track, Lightbox Studio, Arts Commons, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Rattling the Walls, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (with Neal Moignard)
The Islands, Untitled Art Society - Satellite Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Select Group:

Let's Stay in Touch! Truck Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Vancouver Art Book Fair, Vancouver Art Galler, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tradition Transformed: Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition, Orillia Museum of Art and History, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Jet Set, West 7 Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada
ACAD Fibre Miniature Show, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Could it Be, We've Surpassed Material Expectations, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mapmakers Manifesto, Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey
Transactants: agents of process, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Calgary Timeraiser, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Alterations, Alteractions, Altercations, Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Bizarre Pizzazz Bazaar, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Moments Intercepted, the (Re)collection Project, Labspace Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Square Foot Show, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Frenzy, Bird Dog Video, Calgary, Alberta, Canada